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Target System Connection test from Iflow in CPI

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Hi All,

Hope every doing Great....!!!

I'm working on implementing a reprocess mechanism in CPI, and I'm stuck on whether it's possible or is just a thought.

I implemented one Iflow to reprocess failed messages if there is a connection issue the iflow will try to reprocess same message number of times, so to overcome this what I was thinking is before trying to reprocess second time from the iflow to do a connectivity test if test is OK then it will reprocess if test is not OK then it will NOT reprocess.

My question is whether it is possible to perform a connectivity test from iflow direct.

If not, please suggest another way we can accomplish the same thing.



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If you have a ping URL or a health check URL etc. to the destination you could.

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I need to ping URL and connection is OK then I will do a reprocess,if connection is still fails I will not reprocess