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Tabstrip control in new infotype

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I have created a new infotype with a tabstrip control on it. Now whatever I click on I get the message

"Protected tab titles are not supported (tab TABSTRIP title TABSTRIP_TAB1)"

There is no error and everything else is working just fine, it is just that the message is quite annoying. The proposed solution is:

"Check the screen modifications or the Screen Painter definitions of the tab title. When you modify the screen, do not set the INPUT attribute of the tab title to '0'."

However the INPUT attribute is disabled and cannot be changed.

Has anyone experienced any similar problems. All ideas are welcome



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Hello Martin,

It seems that somewhere the coding tries to disable a tab strip which is not allowed, that?s why this message is coming. This is done via the statement




This might be done centrally by the infotype framework, which could explain why the message is coming. That would be the case if the first group of the screen field is equal to 006 or if the third group has a value. If this is not the case, try to play with the values of these groups and look at the result.

Check as well that the button is not set as invisible by default.

Best regards,

Jacques Duparc