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Tableview selection toggles in design2002/2003 not in standard

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I'm probably overlooking something basic but anyhow...

I see different behaviour in STANDARD vs DESIGN2003.

I want a selection in a tableview SINGLESELECT to remain highlighted no matter how often I click on it.

In standard design this seems to be the standard behaviour.

However, if I switch to design2002 or 2003 I get a toggle behaviour.

I also noticed that on an inputField that I defined with submitOnEnter='true' the behaviour is different. In 'STANDARD' it submits, in design2002/3 nothing happens.

How can I influence this difference in behaviour?



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"submitOnEnter" doesnt seems to work properly in some cases.

we had the same issue, even on submitonenter = "true"

it is not submitting proper results.

so you can use the following code :


{if(event.keyCode==13){ alert("enter");


htmlbSL(this,2,'SUBMITBUTTON:click') }}</script>

where "SUBMITBUTTON" is the id of button that can also submit instead of return key.

This will have the same effect as clicking the button for submit.

Regarding that TableView in design2003 with selectionMode="SINGLESELECT" it is working fine and doent seems to have any toggle effect.

can u put some more light on this ?

I hope this will work.



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Standard behaviour between different designs is to be expected, because there is different HTML and JavaScript rendered. However, to which extent they are different I don't know, don't think there is a difference description out anywhere.