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Tables: By clicking particular cell should get the data of entire row

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im having a table based on the search criteria, the registration number column of the table should made as a link. so that by clicking on the particular registration number it should get the data from that entire row and populate that in a another view.

please could anyone explain me about how to proceed.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can show the link in your table by the following way

Assume that you have context binded to view container

1) in outline view


3) Apply Template

4) Select Table from the template list

5) select the required columns from the Context

6)* In the "Edit the properties of table colums" step

In the "Editor" section Select "LinktoURL " option from the drop down list box (But you can have only BOOLEAN variable to use this option no other data type is allowed ie integer,string as linktoURL)

7) Finish


these are the steps to make a link in your table

Now to get the details of selected row

1) there is one method called onLeadSelect(),which returns an integer value which is index of selected row

2) Create a separate context to display the data

3)display the data accordingly



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi SureshKumar Arumugam,

Please create another view with inbound plug from this view, and map context data(between views using Component Controller as sharing point).

On click of registration number( Link to Action UI element) a method which triggers fire plug to new view.



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Hi Suresh,

1. Create a table UI element.

2. Right click in the outline view and select Create Binding

3. Select the field type to LinkToAction for the field that you want to have a link and select the binding type to text.

4. Now create an action and bind it to the LinkToAction UI element in your table column.

5. You can write your business logic in your action.

6. You can navigate from one view to another via plugs that you might have already defined and if you wish to share some data between two views then map the context to controller and can then share it from there.