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table width in smartform

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I am working in smartforms.I have to increase the table width,as my final report is in landscape form.Please guide me,how will I increase the table width.Also the spacing between the header & line items in the table is varying from ecah column & alignment is disturbed.Please let me know,where to modify my smartform.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sneha,

Table width can be modified to the length of the width.

In the table go to the table tab , click on the details pushbutton.

you have table width option there mention the width of the table.

After creating the table, in the table tab create line types for header and items where in you will declaring the width of each column you want in header and item.

after declaring line type keep cursor in the header and right click say create table line here you declare the line type declared for header.

Now for each column add one text node and mention the column name. Do the same for line items.

Procedure to create line type:

1. Double click on table

2. Go to table tab --> details

3. Give the table width (width you want to display on the screen should be less than or equal to the window width).

4. Line type --> Divide this into no of column you want to have in header/item.

Note: total length of all columns should be equal to the table width.

6. call this line type in the header .



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Table width can be modified to the length of the <b>window.</b>

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