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Table view width

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Hi friends

I am displaying a 30 column table using table view and set it's width as 100%. But it's not fitted on window the horizontal scroll bar appeared .

So I put the table view in Overflow container .but the problem here is , i must have to give width in pixels (for example 1000px )otherwise same problem, horizontal scroll bar on window.

My requirement is want to set the overflow container width in Percentage , so that 30 column table should also fit in the window with no horzontal scroll bar's on window, scroll bar is only in overflow container.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shiva,

please read the documentation carefully. There you will find, that you can use 100% for the width. Only the height has to be given in pixels. Try to change it in percentage. The other point Daniel has already mentioned: If the table is still wider than the screen you will get the scrollbar (or you cut off the last part).



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Hi Rainer

even after specifying the overflow container width as 100% still same problem because my table is having more columns.

I need to do some thing , Any way Thanks i have given the points to both of u guys.

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Your problem is that the HTML elements in the table get enlargened to hold their respective contents, and in total the whole table "grows".

The mentioned solutions are just a possible way to deal with this behaviour, but not a way to avoid it. When doing web development you have to be aware of such limitations - displaying a lot of content on limited space. A solution for your problem would not be just technical but also require some thinking in the planning stage.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Table width = "100%" means, all available space of the window will be filled with the table. that doesn't mean it always fits in your window. if there is not enough space left to show all of the 30 columns, the side-bars will appear thought.

maybe you can post your coding...



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30 columns? and the width of each column is what?

i think this is important for you...

are you working with an iterator? so try to play around with the columns width. that may help you.

greetings from germany


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I am not using iterator, i am just displaying simple data,

If i set the column width to minimum also then same problem because all my columns are on average 20 char. so they are not fitting . here is my code

<xhtmlb:overflowContainer id = "OFLC_RCN_HDR"

width = "980px"

height = "200px"

mode = "SCROLL" >

<htmlb:tableView id = "TBL_RCN_HDR"

columnDefinitions = "<%= model->mt_rcn_hdr_def %>"

columnWrapping = "true"

design = "ALTERNATING"

visibleRowCount = "<%= lv_visible_row_count %>"

visibleFirstRow = "<%= lV_Visible_first_row %>"

table = "//model/mt_rcn_hdr"

selectionMode = "SINGLESELECT"

sort = "SERVER"

width = "100%" />


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