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Table Update not happening.

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I have this data flow. The table comparison is generating many updates. The bottom row's mapping object (U)) changes the update to an insert. The updates are getting inserted to the debug table EMS_SHIFT_UDATES_DWS. The top row's mapping object (Update) is letting through updates as updates. The Updates are not getting written to the EMTIMESHIFTS table. The monitor shows both mappings have a row count of 2119.

You can see below the original data (first row of data) in the final table has actual times of 1900-01-01 00:00. The raw input data has an update to the actual times of nov 2023 (2nd row of data).

The debug table EMS_SHIFT_UPDATES_DWS, has rows from 2 different runs of the job. They have actual times of mov 2023.

The table to be updated EmTimeShifts did not receive the update, last row, still has actual times of 1900-01-01

The monitor shows 2119 rows coming out of the mapping object and 1 Upd Q and 2 Upd Q, but the Updates are not written to EmTimeShifts.

Update gate

The updates are not getting written to the EmTimesShifts table, any ideas on what I should check next?

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Hi Kelly,

Could you please maintain the primary keys in the target while you are using the map operation transform.

Thanks & Regards,