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Table interface modify_class in 2004s

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I had migrated from 3.1 to 7.0 mu BI. My problem is that in templates of 3.1 I use modify_class for change colors anf formats of my templates with param modify_class and abap classes.

I have read that in new version its not possible. How can I get the same funcionality in 7.0 version?

Could I lost all changes of my templates in 3.x?


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Hi there

You have to use JavaScript to achieve this now.

There are some posts in the forums which show examples of JavaScript that will allow you to access the relevant tables and then change accordingly.

If its just colours, you may be able to achieve this by doing a view source, finding the style elements that is used, then changing that style by including your own <style></style> section in your code.

I use JavaScript to center column headings ... with this code (you will obviously need to adjust it based on the output of your templates):

sTableName = "ANALYSIS_interactive_t";

/* Before processing continues, need to determine if indeed the table we are interested
	in exists. If not, then stop processing, to prevent a JavaScript error which 
	stops subsequent scripts from running.

var bTableExists = "true";

var oTable = document.getElementById(sTableName);
if ( oTable == null){
	bTableExists = "false";
if (bTableExists == "true"){

	var oInnerTable = oTable.getElementsByTagName("TABLE").item(0);
	var oFirstRow   = oInnerTable.getElementsByTagName("TR").item(0);
	var oHeadings   = oFirstRow.getElementsByTagName("TD");
	var oSpans;

	for (var iArrayCount = 0; iArrayCount < oHeadings.length; iArrayCount++){
		oHeadings[iArrayCount].style.textAlign = "center";
		// Looks like we may need to set the alignment of the SPANS inside the TD as well
		var oSpans = oHeadings[iArrayCount].getElementsByTagName("SPAN");

		for (var iSpanCount = 0; iSpanCount < oSpans.length; iSpanCount ++){
			oSpans[iSpanCount].style.textAlign = "center";

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Pls check on the BI 7 solution.

I'm afraid that you need to stick to the 3.x until that



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