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table difference Totals vs Line Item

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Dear SDN,

As do not have access to BW / R/3, I would like your help to know what is the difference between total level record vs a line item level record for FI-SL.

I would think most of the characteristics and keyfigures are the same for totals and line items table. But what is the difference then? I know line item has more details and totals should be somehow aggregated data. but what is the aggregation factor or field? How is aggregation realised?



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I would first tell that normal table connect to fact table will have DIMID( SID will be connected to DIM table), where with the help of line item we will connect the SID (master data) to fact table in cube with out DIMID…

In a short DIMID will be bypassed with line item so u will see the all table fields in it .

When the SID table size reach at least 30% of the fact table size then we will go for line item dimension

think it will help u