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Table categories

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Hi all,

I want use a tabe UI element to retrive data frm db table.

The DB table contains the following fields : categorie , name , name_type.

I want to display the content table as follows :

1 row is the categorie name < and then the rows with that category name

1row (header) : Category Name Name type

2ndrow : Category1

3th row name1 type1

4th row name2 type2

5th row Categry2

6th row name3 type3

for every category an apart line with the name of the category, and uder : foloows the items of this category

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Answers (4)

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To be clear :

For echt new category : i have to make a row with only the name of the category.

Under each category : item_names + types .

do u have a sample for me ?

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hi.Moo Yac .

Off course, you can. Pls make use of the "Cell Variant" of table.

1 cell variant: for category

2 cell variant: for name , name_type.

Best wishes.

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i dont want use tree

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You have table with Hierarchy ( Tree ).

Have a look at webdynpro sample component DEMO_TABLE_WITH_TREE in package SWDP_DEMO.


Manas Dua