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Tab Set Container Hyperlink?

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I have a xcelsius 2008 dashboard using a tab set with a container per tab. Is it possible to hyperlink from within each container to a different tab set selection?

So if I have three tabs, one container dashboard visual for each, and under the first tab container we wanted to quickly hyperlink to the second or third tabs (without clicking the above tab sets at the top). Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


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Sorry to contradict the abov answer but, yes, this is possible using a tabset.

In the model select any of the tabs at the top of the tabset and go to Behaviour --> Selected item. Use the bind button to bind to any cell e.g. $A$1

Next to create the "hyperlink" to jump between tabs simply insert some sort of input item such as a push button, icon etc. Set the source data to a cell containing the number of the tab you wish to jump to (from left to right starting with 1) and bind the target cell to range $A$1. You could make the button for the hyperlink invisible if overlaying over something like a chart or text.

E.g. if you input a push button into the first tab which copies the number 3 from any cell (source data) into cell $A$1 the tabset would jump to the third tab.

Hope this helps,


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Using Tabset component it is might not possible

But I have tricky way to achive it let me explain

Use 3 push butons and three panelContainers).

make it arrange these 6 six components like tabset view

and for push button 2 source is 'panel2' destination is one empty cell(a2)

cell a1:panel2


dyanmic visibility status is cell a2 and key is panel2(which is under second push button) for pannel two

did same for push button 1 and3but use destination cell same a2 in cell a2 write text pannel1(it is defualt)

now when ever user click that particular tab it will display correct panel

now second requrierment is going from panel 1 to panel 2

so in panel use one more push button source is pannel2 and destination is same cell a2

and make push button trasparent (properties>apperance>layout) put transperecy 100% then it will not visible

same workarround you have to do for remaining panel also

I think you understand my logic,If you understood reply back

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