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Tab Set Component - determine active Tab

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Hi all,

In our dashboard project we have set-up a Xcelsius 2008 dashboard with multiple dashboard canvasses that can be selected by using the Tab Set component.

I want to fire of Data Connections triggered by the Tab that has been selected by the end-user.

Is there a way to read out the position of the active tab or something like that?

I have noticed that the other way around is possible (setting the active Tab by including its position ID in a reference cell) but this is not what I need...

I also know there is a possible workaround using push buttons instead of a Tab Set component but a tab set is the preferred way to go.

Thanks a lot for your creative feedback!

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your swift response.

It is good to hear that this requirement will (probably - you know how it goes) be part of future enhancements. Apparently I am not the only one looking for such functionality.

Your workaround suggestion sounds interesting since we can keep our Tab Set structure in place.

So we will try that one out!

Best regards,


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Hi Marc,

Adding an option to insert the selected tab position is on the list of possible future enhancements for Dashboards.

What you can do for now is place a Label Based Menu on top fo the tab names (to cover them up).

Insert the position of the selected Label Based Menu into the spreadsheet.

In the Tab Set bind the Selected Item to that same spreadsheet cell.