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System Performance - ERROR Workitems

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Hi Friends ,

I have the following query .

I have no of workitems in ERROR status and workflow has been stopped . I dnt want to process those workflows further .

I dnt want those ERROR workitems to be cleaned from my sysetm . I think this ERROR workitems may hamper the syetm performace later .

Is there any way through which i can remove all these ERROR Workitems along with respective workflows from my system.

Is the ERROR Workitems affects the syetm performance .

Thanks in advance .



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Answers (3)

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You can archive them. This will remove them from system but also will keep safe in archive for future ref if you need.

SARA is teh tcode and object is WORKITEM.

it is not only errored but all teh work items if grow over certain volume can cause proformance issues. best way to handle is put and time based archiving policy like archive at the end of every year keeping one years hostory. So there is nothing to do for first couple of years. If systems is old enough it is time to start thinking.

Just remeber it is nto only Staus ERROR work items in all other statuses like COMPLETED CANCELLED etc etc will effect teh profrmance once they reach a certain volume.

Warm Regards,


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Thanks .

Resolved .

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Resolved how?

I hope you didn't use SWWL. Every week somebody recommends that and every week we have to tell people that you should NEVER use SWWL in a Production system.

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Hi Prabhudutta,

Not sure if it directly relates to your issue, but check if this [link|; helps you.



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You can check the below things:

1. Identify the WF and check whther its due to data issue or issue releated to WF.

2.if you dont want these WF's to run in your sytem, please deactivate the event linkage in SWE2.

3.if you want to clear these workitems for time being, you can do it in SWWL by mentioning the workitem id's.

Thanks and Regard,