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System Landscape in EP6.0 SP9 (Urgent ..)

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We have installed EP6.0 SP9 on Win 2003 and Oracle.

After instalaltion I Created the System Landscape for R/3 Server. I maintained the Connector Properties,User Management Properties. Then i tested by creating the Transaction Iview after maintaining the USer Mapping Details. The Preview is working if i select the WINGUI.

Then i Tried to Test the Connections by Rightclick on the System Landscape Name. in that I tried to test the Connector Testing Option.

But the Test is getting failed by stating that the User Mapping and Connector Settings are wrong please check.

But when i see the preview of the Transaction it is working.

Secondly, I wanted to confirm about the SSO.

For SSO, and WEBGUI, I hope we require the ITS Instance in the Enterprise Portal. Is this Right?

In R/3 our Kernel Release is 6.40 and SAP_BASIS Release is 6.20 R/4 version 4.7

Here do i need WP_PI 6.0.620 Plugins or PI_BASIS_640?

As per the Note 655941 it says WP-PI is no longer delivered as of ABAP BASIS version 6.40. ( Here we are bit confused )

Please Help us..

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (5)

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Hi sumanth,

You check the was domain name. It should be the full domain name of the server.Go in System and change the was domain and test the connection. It should work.


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Hi All,

Some Foundings,

The Integrated ITS will come only with

BASIS Release 6.40, If the Basis Release is Prior to this then we need the Stand alone ITS for seeign the Webgui.

The WP-PI Plugins are not required if you have PI_BASIS_640. Other wise for SSO using Logonticket we require WP-PI.

Thanks for all the info.



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Thanks for the information.

I tried to use the Integrated ITS.

But in the SICF Transaction i dont have the ITS service available

default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its is not available

in service level bc the GUI is not available.

So we have installed stand alone ITS and now the connection of ITS, Connectoe, WAS all successful.

IF i Use the User mapping as UIDPW then the conenctions are getting successful. If i change the mechanism to SAPLOGINTICKET then the Connection Test for all the three WAS, ITS, Connector is getting failed stating the message

" HTTP /s Connection Failed, Please check the Properties or User mapping configurations".

For the SAPLOGONTICKET method i have imported the certificate in to R/3 system and created the profile parameters also. in SM50 when i tried to see the log using the trace level 2 there is no indication of recieving the Log on Ticket.

The only thing here i am missing is WP_PI component. Is this must Required for R/3 4.7 WAS 6.40 and EP 6.0 SP9.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Thunga,

have you checked out Gregor Wolf's guide on creating R/3 transaction iViews at: ? Did you also try to do the connection test for WAS systems since you are running on 6.20?

For the webGUI part, yes, you need an ITS. Another option is to install the WebAS 6.40 ABAP stack, it has an integrated ITS included.


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Hi Sumanth,

About SSO - There are different ways to enable single sign-on, user-mapping in portals is one of them and SAP Logon tickets is another. For each of these methods, refer portal security guide ( ITS or WEBGUI has got nothing to do with SSO in a direct manner.

About WEBGUI - You require ITS if you are going to use WEBGUI and since your R/3 kernel is 6.40 you have the option of using integrated ITS which has the option of webgui. Follow the link below for documentation for the same.

ITS instance will never be on the portals, you will either have to use the integrated ITS or the separate standalone installation of ITS 6.20. Either way, while creating iViews for connecting to ITS system, make sure you use the GUI for HTML option.

About the SAP note - A portal plug-in is required if you want to enable SSO using Logon tickets, and your R/3 version is 4.6C or less. In your case portal plug-in is not required. Refer portal security guide for more details.

About your error - you have not mentioned the exact error message, but I guess, it is something about your user mapping.