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System Copy - unable to create control file...

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Dear All,

After copying all the data files when I am trying to create a control is getting created with .ctl extenstion.

controlfile/o1_mf_bxk3pysy_.ctl Iam unable to find .dbf control files after @control.sql command. Please assist.

Location where the control file is getting created - /oracle/RP1/oracleflash/SID/controlfile..

I am I missing any thing..why the .dbf control file is not getting created


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Hello Letz,

Please check following SAP link.

Point 6

Oracle Stage Copy Backup Restore for Non-Production Systems - Basis Corner - SCN Wiki

If the generated file in .trc format or any format. save it as name.sql.



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Thanks..Anand Your solution work.