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System Copy from Quality to Development system

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Hi We are planning system copy from Quality to Development system. Can i know like whats going to happen to the Transport Management System after the system copy as our development is the Domain controller. Do we nee to remove the transport system of Quality as well as production and start from the first or is it just enough to configure the domain controller in Dev and remaining systems will be taken care automatically.

Also can anyone guide us like how different Post System Copy steps are going to be.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello. read

Download guide and read.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Raj,

Before copy you save the TMS setting and delete the TMS configuration in your domain controler that is dev and again create it after copy.



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After system refresh when you logon to the target system (i.e the system which got refreshed) you will message that the transport management is configured properly.

We do not have to do anything with the Domain controler as your DC is Dev system..

And you are refreshing QAS with PRD.

And also PRD will also be fine.

We have to Rremove the configuration in the QAS system ...

Goto Tcode SE06->choose Database copy->perform ost installation steps.

Then you have give the SID of the Source system.

Then it asks for change the originals from the PRD to QAS you have to say yes to the prompts.

After this you have to gop to STMS then you will get the system info sya it to include it in the domain.Copy the routes from DC etc.will come. say yes to them.

Go to do main controller and accept the system and distribute the configuration.

Post DB refresh steps:

1) After Db is opened.

If you have preserved any setting of the target system beforew system copy you need to import them.

Like usermaster,RFC, Printers.

2) Remove the unwanted background jobs.

3) Reschedule the required jobs.

4) See to that it is having correct SMLG entries.Import the profiles from OS level.

5) Schedule the Db13 calender , Claering up of the spool requests Scheduling the RDD job etc.

And also see the SAp standard System copy document it will give you all the details required.