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System Conf. : dedicated template not to use when load balancing required ?

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I'm new in portal technology. Our EP6 portal has been configured for over six months and we're facing SAP load balacing problems of the http sessions on our sap backend system.

The information flow in our landscape is the following :

Browser -> Portal (EP6) -

> Message server--> Backend (WAS ABAP ECC6 system)

We have two abap servers in our sap backend suystem (CI+AS), and the http sessions are not correctly dispatched.

I've just read the saphelp documentation regarding the sap template properties

Particularly the following :

SAPsystems can be based on one of two templates.

One template (SAP system with load balancing) defines properties that support load balancing, making it more useful for large enterprises.

The other template (SAP system using dedicated application server) defines properties that support a dedicated system.

The SAP load balacing is needed in our configuration.

But, it is the decicated templete that has been used to define our bakcend system :

CodeLink : portal_content/templates/systems/SAP_R3_Dedicated

The people who have configured the portal are no more available, so I do not know the reason why we didn't choose the load balancing template.

I've also chekced the Note 761917 - System template definitions: examples for SAP systems

This note details how to configure the message Server connection (SAP system with load balancing), but this option is NOT available once you choose dedicated server as a template.

So here is my question :

If you need to perform sap load balancing of the http sessions on the backend level, is it normal to use a "dedicated template system" ?

or should i change it to load balancing template ?

thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards.

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use the load balancing template. However, if this system is connecting to any web applications on the Backend SAP server (for example, ITS), then make sure you specify the load balanced port which is usually 8100. You would specify the port after the host name in the ITS Host Name or Web AS Host Name field (<hostname>:<port>)

You can find out the load balanced port by having basis log into the back end system, goto transaction SICF, goto an available web application, then right click on it. There will be two options "Test Service" and "Test Load Balancing". Clicking on Test Load Balancing will open the web app in a browser. Just look at the url and you should see the load balanced port.