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Synchronoue messasges failing in PI

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Hello Experts,

We have a synchronous scenario :

Request file is coming from file system and it is posting the request to SAP (BAPI Call using BPM) and getting the response from BAPI and the response is posted to File server again.

In this scenario BPM is working to perform simple send/receive step.

Now the issue is the sender file adapter only picked up the xml file as no File content configuration maintained and by mistake one incorrect format file is placed in the source directory and we found lot of failed synchronous error messages in pi after every hour .When we are cecking the file we found the file name and the source time stamp is same.We can see also messages stucked in the QUEUE which is for BPE.

Now after initial investigation we are expecting the error is occurring for the same file again and agin and we have checked with the sender and they removed the error file from the source directory .

The strange problem is still the error is coming again and again (sender already confiremed no file in the source directory )so we are not sure if the file is not present in the source directory then why the file is creating error again and agin ?

Please let us know the resolution of this proble .

Thanks in advence for your support.



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Answers (2)

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01. check in status SM58. Is found then execute.

Solution for oyur problem;

01. when there is no message in your queue. try to De-register and then register, activate all the queue. This could resolve most of your issues.

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If the error file is not in the source folder then you can try:

1) Stop and Start the file channel.

2) ensure that your queues are not stuck with error messages.

3) go to tcode SWWL and delete the error instances of your BPM.

then retest the scenario.



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Hello Avishek,

Start\stop we have alreadt tried no result.

Queues are stucked as I mentioned already but not able to delete them as we can see no error work flow .

Thanks ,


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Hi Somenath,

-->You can try to unlock/restart your communication channel from NWA If you are in PI 7.1.

-->Have a try with the above option,even though if we stop and start the CC in RWB some times it may not work.Try with the above option as suggested.