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Synchronize profile

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We use the "Synchronize profile" statement to upload data to our consolidated database. On one computer we have a problem, the upload is not starting. When we use the program dbmlsync.exe there is no problem. When we copy the database to another computer it also works fine.

So, there seems to be a problem on this particular computer.

Are there any external programs involved with the "Synchronize profile" statement? Should we register any dll's?

Anyone any idea



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Answers (2)

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Like Koichi, I'd be interested in knowing if anything shows up in the shared global temporary tables when you execute the SYNCHORNIZE statement.  I'd also like to know if any errors are returned when you execute the statement, and what exactly you mean when you say the "upload doesn't start".

The SYNCHRONIZE command will load the dbmlsynccli12.dll, and also relies on external environments being installed on the machine, so I suspect that dbextf.dll, dbextenv12.dll and dbexternc12.exe will also need to be on the system.  None of these DLLs need to be registered, just on the system and in the PATH.


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Hi Eric,

I think that you used the SYNCHRONIZE statement.

Did you see the result of the SYNCHRONIZE statement?

You can see the results of the synchronization in the synchronize_results and synchronize_parameters shared global temporary tables.

For details, please see the below.

"SYNCHRONIZE statement [MobiLink]"


Koichi Ogawa