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Synch Hana XS with data from ECC


Dear Guru's,

I would like a table from ECC to be synched with a table in HANA XS. I've read about consuming Odata in the gateway but I'm not quite sure if that is what I'm looking for.

So basically what I want is:

once per month

|Hana XS Table| <========== | ECC Table |

(Tried to visualize it but that isn't possible in this layout)

So once per month the HANA table needs to be synched with the ECC so that all users are up to date and the old ones don't exist anymore in both tables.

Looking forward for your thoughts and answers.

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I suggest you evaluate either SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server) or SDI (Smart Data Integration) for your requirement.



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Thank you for your response. I've checked those out, but isn't there a way to get the data from the HANA XS through an scheduled job or send the data from ECC which then triggers an event in HANA XS?

Best regards,