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Sync DC from CBS Development Compartment to CBS Consolidation Compartment

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Hi all, im using NW2004s SP 13, and im using NWDI

currently we already have a SC with DC's inside the Dev Server, and also prerequsite SCA.

basically it was previously only 1 system , now we addin new j2ee server, meant to become Test and production server.

During the assembly, we found out that there is difference on the buildspace of _D & _C , Number of DC is diffferent. so assembly is failed.

how can i to sync it and fix this error ?

any advise and solution appreciated.


Edited by: Qim Wan on Oct 17, 2008 4:54 AM

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When you relase the activities, DCsource is moved to the consolidation workspace.

Release all the activities related to the each and every DC present in development.

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Hi thank you for the reply..

the SC was just imported to the dev server, and it have all the DC's.

how we can synchronize all the DC from _D to _C all at once, without have to make dummy edit and activate the codes one by one ?

can it be done using MKPL ? and integrate ?

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It looks like you want to move whole SCA file from _D to _C, with out creating any ativities are any modifications to the code.

I am assuming that you have checked a software component version in to the Transport Studio, and that SCA file is waiting to import in to DEV system.In that case:

First : In the track list, select the track in which you want to perform the transport.

2. Choose the tab page of the system into which you want to import the software changes.

3. In the list, select the SCA file that you want to import.

4. Choose Import.

After this import you should see the imported SCA file in that specifc system.



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Make sure all activities have been released for transport using the Transport View of NWDS (mind the Date and user filter in the top right menu (the down arrow)).