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sync-async bridge

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can any one explain me how sync-async bridge is receives data?

in sync-async there is a

1) sync-receiver

2) async-sender

3) async-receiver

4) sync-sender

explain me how it works?

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Answers (5)

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Hi Venky refer these blogs

written by Prasad Illapani



Bridging the Sync-Async bridge with Fork (XI) Ravikumar Allampallam



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If u r asking specifically about the BPM, then it receives data using the Receive step.

It has the sync sender and async receiver



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Sync-async bridge is a way of coverting synchronous call into asynchronous call...

by receiving a call synchonously(input) and further sending out an asynchromous call..(output)

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number 3 and 4 are correct.

sync-async bridge means,you have a synchronous sender system sending data to a async receiver system



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Refer this step by step

You can find the examples in the Integration Repository under SAP Basis , namespace under BpmPatternSyncAsyncBridge

Also check Usage of Sync-Async when both Sender and Receiver are Synchronous Apps [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]