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Syclo Agentry Development

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Hello Gurus,

I have been trying to gather resources on Syclo Agentry editor/ development.

Any leads in this space will be highly appreciated.



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Answers (4)

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Hi Sudheep,

Can you confirm whether you have received all resources for your development, if still an issue, please let us know. If you have received relevant details, could you please make this thread answered.



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Agree with Bjorn. Your company needs to be a partner with Syclo to gain access to resources on their website.



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Short answer - you will have a real hard time any detail information online unless you have access to syclo resource center.  You can try to apply and hopefully SAP partners at least will be approved to view documentation etc.  Also if you know someone within SAP then he might be able to share things directly to you but historically I have heard that Syclo has been fairly secretive company, not very open and a little difficult to get into if you are on the outside (not a partner/customer).

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HI Sudeep,

What kind of resources are you trying to gather and for what purposes?  Could you specify more details.