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SybSQLException: Attempt to update or insert row failed

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I'm working on a web application which uses sybase. I've been getting this error below. The sybase documentation says that the table has to be divided but I don't think so this will solve the issue because I'm getting this error while updating the records and not while adding. Please assist me with this issue. I'm ready to provide more details on your request. Thanks in advance:)

SybSQLException:Attempt to update or 
insert row failed because resultant row of size 2633 bytes is larger than the maximum 
size (1962 bytes) allowed forthis table.
Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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By "Sybase", do you mean ASE? You may want to retag this if that is the case because the tags used will not likely get attention of those knowledgeable with ASE. Try tag "SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise".

Based on the error, the row size appears now exceeding the page size in the update. It appears that you have a 2K page size.

I believe that this issue can be resolved either by

  • increasing the page size. Note that the page size of existing database cannot be changed.
  • changing the character columns char/varchar to a long varchar (or similiar) datatype. Make sure you understand the impact of these types wrt to your application requirements. This matters for columns where the size can vary to a greater degree,
  • table division as suggested in the documentation.

Here is response to this same topic in the ASE focused answers.

The key is the last comment where a reference to calculating the data row size is provided. It appears that it is important designing your schema to ensure that the Data Row Size calculated does not exceed the page size.

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