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Sybase WSB setup on ASE 16.0

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downloaded the free copy of ASE 16 available at SAP site and I was testing warm standby setup on Linux with replication server 15.7.

- Installed sybase server sby01 using ASE 16.0 and create database db01

- Installed second sybase server syb02 using ASE 16.0 and create database db01

- At this point no other ASE 16.0 options is enabled i.e HADR mode is -1 and not enabled.

- Installed reserver rs01

- Added db01 database on syb01 as active in rs01 repserver : Successful

Now while adding db01 on syb02 as 'standby' it give error message

"WARNING: 'Create failed because Log transfer for database syb02.db01 is off'"

While i tried the setup on ASE 15.7 and I have no problem creating WSB setup. Seems HADR is somehow preventing database to be added as standby though it is not even enabled. Any clues where to look at, I checked there are no connections for syb02 and do not see any reference in rssd tables for syb02.

This is just test and want to know why I cannot setup WSB using ASE 16.0 free developer edition where as it works for free ASE 15.7 developer edition.

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This is not part of SAP application. I was trying to setup traditional WSB using rs_init, with ASE server is 16.0.

Setting up WSB using traditional rs_init interactively.

1) success: create repserver using rs_init interactively (though this has nothing to do with ASE 16.0 so works fine)

2) pre-step: create logical connection to wsb.db01

     success: Added active database rs_init (interactively)

    post-step: verify 'send warm standby xacts' is true for repagent and repagent is running on syb01

    post-step: set - sp_reptostandby db01, 'all'

3) pre-step: add login db01_maint on syb02 server

    pre-step: add user db01_maint in db01 database on syb02 server ase 16.0 server

    fail: Add standby database using rs_init (interactively)

2 ASE servers are version 16.0 SP02 PL01/EBF 25184 SMP/P/x86_64 (free download on sap site). Since "HADR mode" is -1 (not enabled), I am expecting rs_init setup to work. These setup taken from one of the google blog and works fine when using ASE 15.7 server.

rs_init Error:


WARNING: "Create failed because Log transfer for database syb02.db01 is off."

Press <return> to continue.

Unable to execute query 'create connection to "syb02"."db01" set error class rs

_sqlserver_error_class set function string class rs_sqlserver_function_class se

t username "db01_maint" set password *** as standby for "wsb"."db01" use dump m

arker' against server 'rs01'.

Press <return> to continue.

Task failed: set connection to the database. Terminating configuration.

Press <return> to continue.

Configuration failed.

Press <return> to continue.

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NOTE: For future reference: should probably be posting this type of question over in the forum; so don't be surprised if one of the admins moves this thread over there

Since a WS setup needs to support the 'switch active' command at some point (whether you plan to use 'switch active' or not), the replicate database must also be configured to support outgoing transactions (ie, also be configured with some of the components of a primary database => repagent configured, repagent/inbound thread defined in repserver, etc).

I'd suggest you try running rs_init again (for adding the standby db) and this time answer 'yes' to the question "Will the database be replicated".  By answering 'yes' to this question the connection should be created with the 'log transfer on' clause.

The downside to this step is that once you get the standby db added to the repserver you'll want to go in and make sure a) the repagent is not running in the RDB and b) there is no active secondary trunc pt in the RDB. [Obviously (?) you'll also want to do this - stop repagent, drop trunc pt - after any loading of a PDB db dump into the RDB. "Duh, Mark!" ?]

If/when you do run the 'switch active' command in the future, it should take care of re-enabling the trunc pt in the RDB (soon to be the new PDB) and starting the repagent.

Yeah, rs_init should be a bit 'smarter' when adding databases to a logical connection (eg, know to automatically create the connection 'with log transfer on', config but don't start the RDB repagent, do not leave a trunc pt enabled in the RDB, etc) ...

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Thanks Mark that works, I checked the blog and it also had "Will the database be replicated" set to 'yes' when adding standby database, I missed it the second time when doing it with ASE 16, my first attempt with 15.7 worked as I copied the instructions as listed... Good learning exercise for me.

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