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Sybase Restore with Multiple Devices for DATA

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We have Sybase DB of size 150GB approx with 6 Devices/Device_fragment created for data SAPDATA1.......SAPDATA6 of 25 GB e

When we are trying to restore the DB from the backup the system is creating the whole Database of 150 GB into with 6 Datafiles but only with the first device i.e SAPDATA1 and it is ignoring the rest of the devices .

Kindly help me how to do the restore so that the system considers all the devices .

DB Devices Before Restore

DB Devices after Restore

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Hello Sourav,

The question is not clear. How can a 150GB database fit onto a single device of 25GB??

Please always provide the relevant outputs to demonstrate the issue. Here we need a sp_helpdb <SID> output and the load database command output. Did you drop and recreate the database before loading the dump?



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load database command does not support that kind of method.
It uses segment information from source database and ignores the segment information of the target database.
But you can generate create database command from dump file using load database command.

load database <db name> from <dump files> with listonly=create_sql

First, modify device names from the create database command and then load dump files.
After loading dump files, alter the database with free space of devices.

Best regards,
Jongun Seo