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Sybase Replication Server - Legacy DB2 to SAP/CRM (Oracle)

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I am working in a proposal trying to define a long term strategy for data replication. One of the technology options to support this data replication is Sybase Replication Server. I have been trying to find some documentation in the SCN where we can replicate data from heterogeneous source (such as DB2) to for example Business Partner tables in SAP/CRM (in this case Oracle) using only Sybase RS Components. I am aware that the Sybase RS would work with Data Services or Hana, however these solutions have been discarded. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a Landscape for this scenario.

Your help would be  greatly appreciated

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Mark and Kimon,

Thanks for the insight. I have gone through the Sybooks Online and it is very useful but unfortunately there is no mention or relation with any of SAP applications. I will try the SAP LT Replication Server.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This might help you SyBooks Online

It is the Design Guide tor Heterogeneous Replication

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