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Sybase Open Client 15.7 for win 10 desktop and Windows server 2012

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We are currently using ASE 15.7 Sybase DB server for one of our client server application residing on Windows 7 desktops.

The Windows 7 desktop has Sybase 15.7 open client software and ODBC drivers through which the desktop app communicate to Sybase DB server.

We would like to move to Windows 10 desktop.

When we tried to install the Sybase Open client package Windows 10 desktop, it failed to install.

So we would like to know what version of Sybase 15.7 Open client and ODBC drivers s/w package are compatible with Windows 10 desktop machines?

Also will the same package be compatible with Windows server 2012 also as we have citrix servers using the same application in the citrix env.

Currently due to failure of Sybase 15.7 Open client package on Windows server 20112, we have been forced to utilize only Windows server 2008 in Citrix env.

Any help/carification would greatly appreciated.

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Check SAP PAM ( you do need S-ID for this )

SDK 15.7 does not have entry for W10. Though 64 bit version seems to be available as "Sybase SDK Windows Product CD 64 Bit 15.7"

For SDK FOR SAP ASE 16.0 I can see following which includes W10.