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Sybase backup failure and setting up a parallel production failover DB

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We are having an issue with our BW production Sybase ASE DB because of corrupt data and sectors.

The full backup has been failing for the last few weeks and we are trying to figure out a way to restore this DB without causing a high downtime. The DB is around 12 TB. SAP has recommended a check on the DB but to do this we need a downtime of more than a few days as per basis. The production DB is still up without any issues so far despite the corrupt data/sectors and the daily loads etc. are good.

We would like to minimize our downtime and was wondering if there is a way to replicate this production DB without such a long downtime. Is there a way to replicate this production DB to another parallel DB and then switch over to the new DB and run the DB checks and repair the primary DB ?

Just to add, we do have the full backup from a few weeks ago and then the daily transactional backups since then.

Appreciate any help or comments on the best way to handle this

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Hi Dabre,

It seems that HADR is useful for your situation.
Please refer to HADR User's Guide.

Best regards,