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Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.dll product version 4.157.1300.0 windows server compatability

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Sybase.AdoNet4.AseClient.dll  product version 4.157.1300.0  is compatible with windows 2012 64 bit server IIS 8.0? please confirm. If not what is more stable verion for windows 2012  64 bit server. please advise.

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Hi Ram,

I trusted you have my answer already - to say again: We certify the SDK product on Windows 2012, includes ADO.NET Provider. We don't certify by II 8.0.  We do certify by compiler insofar as to support integration in Visual Studio and .NET framework.

SDK 15.7 we support 2.0 and 4.0 .NET

SDK 16.0 we support 3.5 (replaces 2.0), 4.0 and 4.5.  Of course there might be limitations in feature support and we can handle that on case-by-case basis.

Integration into Visual Studio relies on some registry settings for DDEX - our installation process is catching up on the automation of setting up the user for DDEX and we can manually overcome that with registry settings.

If coding with .NET 4.0 on IIS 8, then use the 4.0 Provider.  If you want to go 4.5 then use 4.5 provider. Both use the same un-managed layer so I don't think going to higher API makes difference in this situation.  We need to maybe see what tds looks like when issue occurs again with the Access violation. Is this reproducible in test environment? (Please reply to this in the other discussion thread so we can keep all relevant info in same place).