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Sybase 2.1.1 - IOS Code - Release?

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Hi All,

I have a question about the generated code of Sybase for iOS.

Today we generated code for IOS, we now work with IOS 5.0 and want to use the code.

But the generated code is full off releases while in the new Xcode you can make use of Autoreleases...

This makes it horrible to use the code.

Anybody who has some advice?


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Hi there,

You are indeed correct - iOS code generation from SUP does not take into account ARC (automatic reference counting) and as far as I know we are not going to see this in any update in the very near future. There are a few options here -

1) When you create your iOS project in Xcode - switch off ARC - in that way you have to (similar to iOS 4) do retain and release - its a pain but will work.

2) You could put your SUP generated code in a separate XCode project which has ARC off but then import that project into another XCode project which has ARC switched on. I've not tried it but as I understand it - it should work.

Hope that helps,