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Can anyone help me with the detailed description of each step in SXMB_MONI and SXMB_MONI_BPE for both synchronous & asynchronous scenarios



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Hi Keerthika,

SXMB_MONI contain all monitoring steps...

Monitor for Processed XML Messages

Processing Statistics

Archived XML Messages (Search Using Archive)

Archived XML Messages (Search Using ID)

Job Overview

Persistence Layer Analysis

Status Monitor for Sync/Async Communication

Thanks & Regards,


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When a source message reaches the Integration server the messages under goes this Pipeline steps

a) Receiver Determination:

This step determines the system that participates in the exchange of the message.

b) Interface Determination:

For each receiver determine which interface should receive the message.

c) Message Split:

If more than one receiver are found, XI will instantiate new message for each receiver.

d) Message Mapping:

Mapping to transform the source message to destination message format.

e) Technical Routing:

Bind a specific destination and protocol to the message.

f) Call outbound Adapter:

Send the transformed message to the adapter or a proxy.



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Many thanks for the information.

But what i actually meant was regarding the pileline steps that we seen in sxmb_moni..

viz.. inbound message, soap payload, etc...

For example if we want to see what exactly the msg payload is.. its sender, receiver, details trace.. hoplist.. etc.... etc..

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if you want to see synchronous messages also. then configure Runtime paramter log synchronous(not sure about paramter name,but chk with help option ) to 1 by default 0 using SXMB_ADM Tcode


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For example if we want to see what exactly the msg payload is.. its sender, receiver, details trace.. hoplist.. etc.... etc..

when you open SXMB_MONI and click on a particular message processing you get the details in a new window....where you see all the steps....inbound message...receiver determination etc....

Besides this you get to see two sections (to be specific windows)....Window 1 (upper) and Window 2 (lower).

In Window 1 by default you get all the necessary details like sender, receiver, DB used, which user tested the scenario, etc

In Window 2 you get to see the actual payload....