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SWPSTEPLOG table partitioning

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The workflow table SWPSTEPLOG currently contains 1.5 billion records, and we will hit limit very soon for 2 billion.

It has WF_ID as the column name.

The other workflow tables have WI_ID and we used hash partitioning.

Could you please suggest what type of partitioning we should use?

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SAP put almost all suggestions about table partition into this note:

2044468 - FAQ: SAP HANA Partitioning

As you can see in this note that the table SWPSTEPLOG is not involved here, 
that means there is no partition relevant suggestion from SAP support, customer need take their own option on it.

Insead of partition, SAP gives suggestion about archiving on this table since this is a LOG table but not DATA table.

You could refer to this note and take your action as the involved note 2388483 to archive data on table SWPSTEPLOG.

2718597 - Collection solutions for some big growth tables relevant to HANA DB
2388483 - How-To: Data Management for Technical Tables