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Switching between clients - Integration builder

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I'm trying to set up specific business scenarios between different clients on our R/3 qas server. Using integration builder, each interface was defined as having either sender / receiver clnt100 and clnt401. Tests have been performed successfully on both clients vs. our legacy system.

Recently, it has become necessary to remove interface data coming from / going to client 100. I've removed the necessary definitions in the business scenario configurations. This has worked fine : tests outbound from client 100 are not being processed. However, I'm having trouble with the link between the IDoc interfaces and the processing of the messages for the remaining client. Each message type, such as (ZZ)CREMAS or (ZZ)MATMAS is defined correctly, and we have periodic jobs setup that run a specific program with an associated variant.

Ex : Job SEND_VENDOR_CP runs (successfully) every minute (with an associated message type). However, the data isn't being pulled. I have to manually start the job. This then results in a message being sent through (sxmb_moni - message with "checkered flag") and the legacy system receives the data from this client (401) normally. I'm just wondering why the interfaces don't run automatically in client 401 (as they still do in client 100). Is there a missing association in the message types ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated (I'm fairly new to XI). We are using XI 2.0. Our systems are defined as :

XIQAS000 (1 client) EQ1CLNT100 & EQ1CLNT401 (same for the RFC's).

Thank you,

Eric P.

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Found the problem : the scheduled jobs on 401 were targeting client 100. Re-creating the background jobs has solved this problem.