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Switch step on an abstract IDOC in a BPM

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Hi Experts,

I have IDOC mapping wich filters the items.

is some case all the items are filtered, unfortunatly the idoc item segment is mandatory. I'm trying to create a BPM to Cancel the message if not items is left.

the easiest way I found is to duplicate the item in the mapping and to map default value to the second item.

I'm trying to use a BPM to detect that only the dummy item is available and to cancel it.

in the BPM I'm using a switch to test the result of my mapping, to check the value of an item field.but this does not seem to work.

the mapping seems ok.

I ckecked the Workflow and the container the switch step is testing is empty.


this field is an item field.

any idea why it's empty ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I don't know why the field is empty. However, I had a similar requirement in one of our scenarios. I used a different approach. I simply created an abstract interface <b>count_segments</b> with a single integer field <b>num_segments</b>. I then used a mapping to map the number of segments (using the <b>count </b>function) from the source IDoc to this <b>count_segment</b> interface. In the BPM I used a <b>switch</b> statement to check whether <b>num_segments</b> is empty and aborted the BPM if it was.

Hope this helps (please reward me if it does...).

Regards, Joerg.

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