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Switch from Deployable export to Source export

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We are NWDI 7.3 using CM Serivces. We are doing devleopment for CE and have a number of application components developed and transported to QAS.  We are currently doing Deployable export only.   And we have run into problems with large number of activities.  We want to reconfigure our NWDI to include Source Export so that we can deploy individual activity changes.  I have read teh  "How to Setup CM Services" guild.  But I have a question.  New DTR and CBS work spaces will be built for my QAS and PROD systems. and I will create them by copying my DEV system.  But will this populate the DTR of my QAS system with the proper source and components that I have already transported from Dev into QAS?

How do I get the QAS and even my Prod DTRs to reflect all of the things that have allready been transported into those systems.

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Hello Harold

When switching to source transport the easiest way is to do a transport on SCA level once after the workspaces and buildspaces are created.

BUT when exporting an SCA in the DEV system all activated activities will be exported!!! So all activated changed will be moved to QAS and PROD.

Very important to be known: When using source transport, NWDI MUST be up and running when importing to quality / production system!!!