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SWEQADM - Event hanging in status IN PROCESS

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We have activated the event queue (SWEQADM) for all our workflows. Now I have discovered that we do have a lot of events which are stuck in status IN PROCESS. When we go to the event queue browser and try to deliver the event we get the following message:

'The event cannot be delivered in status "In Process" '

Do any of you have experience of this? Any ideas on why they are stuck in status IN PROCESS, and how we should be able to process them.

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Answers (3)

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Thanks for your answers.

I found an OSS note describing program RSWEQMAINTAIN. This program solved our problem. With this program it is possible to change the status of an event that is stuck in status IN PROCESS.



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Hi Kicki,

Just a thought.. Event queue is usually used to combat system load. Just have a look at the reason , why you have turned it for all workflows?

Regarding In process status of events, check out if there is any dump in system or update failures- using txn ST22 and SM13 respectively.

Also check out if note:642098 is relavant.


Akshay Bhagwat

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Hello Kicki,

The most likely cause for events to remain in process as you describe is that something goes wrong during the receiver processing. This could either be an error causing a short dump (ST22) or else a basis-related problem, look at SM58 for stuck RFCs or SM13 for update problems.

More clues might be in the events themselves: is it just one event or a particular set of events or do they appear to be random? If the latter is the case, it would point to more towards a basis related problem.

Also, you mentioned that you switched it on for ALL workflows. Any particular reason? As you have already noticed the event queue adds an extra layer into the process which equates to an extra point of failure. Unless you are using it to direct workflows to specific servers, you are probably better off only sending high volume events to the queue.

Hope that helps.