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I am trying to understand how I should use SWCV.

While creating my design objects in IR, I import the SWCV from SLD.. How do I assign the SWCV and products in SLD? Should this be assigned to all of the impacted Technical systems/ Business systems? For example, if I have interface to send FTP from R/3 to Outside system, to which of the Technical / Business systems should I assign my SWCV?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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>>>>How do I assign the SWCV and products in SLD?

1. you create them in SLD (both a product and software component versions)

2. you assign them to all <b>technical systems</b>

that you're planning to use with them

(if you want you can deselect some of them

while creating <b>business systems</b> - but you add them

to the <b>technical systems</b>)

(but in fact I believe that this is only for

documentation purposes - cause even if you don't

assign them you'll be able to create

all objects in the Directory based on those

business systems and objects from SWCV

but... you should always add your product to the technical systems - <b>that's the proper way</b>


<b>Creating and Removing Business Systems</b>

<b>Technical Systems</b>



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Hi michal,

as u explained, it works perfect with out the the assignment of product to the technical system.

Can u exlplain where the importance of product and SWC come in to picture? I believe that these are useful when we want to tranport the objects.

Correct me if am wrong ..and please give ur input regarding this.



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Thanks Michal

Reddy, if you don't hear from Michal please open a new thread.

I will keep this thread open until EOD today.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You are right and is used in transports .