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SWCV planning & BPM

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Hi XIer,

I am designing our SWCV as following:

We need to integration one SAP R3 and 3 legacy systems using XI.

So we created one SWCV for creating Data type, interface type and interface message for SAP,another 3 SWCV for 3 legacy systems for interface structure define. The Fourth SWCV is used for containing mapping objects, like message mapping and message interface.

This is a good design as far as I know, but it comes problem when we want to use BPM,in BPM we need to define Container variable, but when we want to create an abstract interface as Container, it just allowed abstract interfaces under the specific SWCV which contains this BPM, so I am just confusing BPM will touch R3 and another legacy system, so looks like our design pattern can be used in such secnario.

Could you give me any idea about how to design SWCV if you want to use BPM? thank you very much

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Hey Qi,

if all those resources are contained in the same logical solution, the best practice would be to maintain them in the same SWCV and different namespaces. You could have one namespace for each legacy interfaces and 1 namespace for sap interfaces + mappings (or the mappings could be in another namespace, it's up to you). In this way, the BPMs should be able to use all interfaces.

Anyway, if you do want to make your scenario work with different SWCVs, you can do it. But you'll have to have a "main" SWCV, which will contain the BPMs, and which will have dependencies to all the other SWCVs. You set dependencies between SWCVs in the SLD (then clear SLD data cache in IR).



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Refer the below links




For a Simple case refer:

If you want you can do it without a BPM

and throw an exception in case any of the values is missing:

have a look at this weblog on how to throw exceptions

in a nice way:


Just try it may help u ....

if useful pls reward