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Suspicious mapping failures

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We have three independent maps (all mapping to the same IDOC) that have been working fine for months. We have not made any changes to these mappings. This morning, all three mappings failed with a mapping exception (in our Production system). We copied the message to an .xml file and uploaded to the test tool; however, there were no errors.

Next, we processed the same files through our development box with no issues.

We also restarted the messages in the monitor without success...

Are there any ideas of what might have happened? We are completely perplexed as to what is going on. Please view the system exception below, which is identical for all three independent interfaces.


<SAP:Stack>During the application mapping com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_POS_MSI_PO_to_POSDM_IDOC_ a was thrown: RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformatio~</SAP:Stack></b>

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Michael,

Are you fetching any data from some path...maybe tat data is not available for the prod server..

in other words->do u have to make any environment change in the the path to a file, etc..



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Interesting! We rebooted XI and the messages processed successfully. We are only live with 1 site right now, so this didn't impact the business too much; however, we can't afford to reboot when a message isn't processed successfully in the near future.

Can anyone explain what might have happened? One more note on this: before we rebooted, all independent interfaces were pointing to the same object (Message Mapping) saying it was in error. This error made no sense....

I have my Basis guys looking into the system, but they haven't found anything.

I will have to open an OSS message on this.

Any other comments, questiosn???



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it clearly looks like a message mapping issue:

did you get the XML as in my weblog:


before testing it?


there are no other error info?

do you sue any dynamic values (from other system)

which maybe where not available during the runtime?

(api mappings etc)?



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We have done what you asked. Still, we are having no luck. Here is some more information on the error, which shows us what segments are having the issue in the mapping. We have reviewed this mapping and all looks fine. As I said, we processed the files through our development box with no issues.

Can this be some sort of system issue that occurred at the time of the mapping, but is masked as a mapping issue?

Shall we reboot the server?

Thank you,


<b> <Trace level="1" type="T">Runtime exception occurred during execution of application mapping program com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_POS_TRENDAR_to_TRENDAR_PLUS_:; RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformation: Runtime exception during processing target field mapping /_-POSDW_-E1BPLINEITEMVOID[15438]/TRENDAR_REC/TRENDAR_REC/_-POSDW_-E1BPFINANCIALMOVEMEN/_-POSDW_-E1BPRETAILLINEITEM/_-POSDW_-E1BPFINANCIALMOVEMEN/TRENDAR_REC/TRENDAR_REC. The message is: -1</Trace></b>