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Suppress page footers on last page, so report footer has whole page

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Trying to add T&C's to a Purchase Order design.

I can suppress the Page Headers successfully, but not the footers.

Page footer suppresses the content on the last page, but not the section so I get white space, and the T&C's going to the next page.

Conditional Suppress (no drill down) of Headers has the formula:

Shared NumberVar PageofLastField;

PageofLastField := PageofLastField;

if pageofLastfield <> 0 and PageNumber > PageofLastField THEN TRUE


On the page footer, the same formula but with the FALSE being replaced with PageNumber = TotalPageCount

I have two sections that do suppress the detail (totals in one, and payment details in another), but the 2-3 inches that they take up still "print" with blank space, it does not fully suppress.

I also added the same formula to Suppress Blank Section - no joy

I have ensured the fields are tight to the top/bottom of the section - still no joy.

What am I missing?

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Unfortunately, it's not possible. Crystal will always reserve the space for the page footer, even if the page footer section is suppressed.


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Thanks for that. Save me spending any more time on it.