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I am applying APPLICATION SUPPORT PACKAGE SAPKH47023 ON SAP 4.7C. While applying package system prompted for SPAU and indicated changes in an Area menu (standard menu) .

I opened the area menu but i am not able to list what changes

have been made to it. I found the transport request number but it's not much useful to check what changes have been made in area menu.

1.kindly tell me how to check the changes made in area .


2. is there any standard way provided by sap to work with arean menu while applying suppport package . any sap note ?

thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sam,

First, you are getting the SPAU pop-up because of a modification made to a SAP original object. So what SPAU is asking you to do is review this modification since the Support Package you applying is attempting to update this same menu. In short you can overwrite the menu and return to make needed modifications (that match the old menu) or you can retain your changes. As to which one you steps you should follow depends on the the resources you have (in some cases you might be able to send a request whoever made the original change and have them do it again).

You might want to review the notes for SPAU listed here:

[Adjusting Repository Objects |].

I do not know of a way to review the changes made to an area menu but you can always make a copy of it, overwrite with the area menu from the Service Pack, and review any differences.

For reference here is a link to Area Menu Maintenance

Hope that helps.

J. Haynes


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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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ya i worked on this and have applied the support packages.

you can check for version of area menu by selecting it in spau and clicking the version button , some times system displays message that object doesn't have versions but still comes with red traffic light.

So for such objects click on the traffice light and a pop-up window will open having "version" button .

thanks for replying and supporting .