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Supply function Basics needed.

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Hi Everyone,

I have almost finished my basic tutorials on web dynpro, however am not very clear about the concept of SUPPLY FUNCTION.

Can any one give me some examples to understand it better along with some explanations.

If possible give me more than one example and sample codes which can help me understand this. I did go through the usual examples of SFLIGHT for supply function, however I was not very clear as in why are we using it.

Please help....... Thanks in advance.


Anu .

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Hi Abhi,

The sflight example was not at all clear to me, As in what was the need of doing this. Why have we used supply function here.

what are the other places where we in practical scenarios do need to implem,ent supply function.

thanks in advance,


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The supply function is called by the runtime when the data of the context node is used.

Supply Functions mostly used when you have child nodes, whic his related to a concept called Singleton

If you have a parent node as VBAK and a Child node as VBAP directly under VBAK, of cardinality both 0..n.

You can have number of sales orders and per one sales order you have number of line items, in this case how do you fill the child node ( items ) which are related one parent element ( one sales order )

If you observe carefully the method parameters when a supply function is created, you can find


Parent_element represents the parent element for which you are filling the child elements.

Node represents the reference to your child.

hope it is clear.