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SUP 2.1.3 iOS : SUPPersistenceException from synchronize:

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I am using SUP 2.1.3 and trying to connect to it via IOS device.

I am able to reach "-(void)onConnectSuccess:(NSNotification *)obj" delegate method but later on [XXXXXXXXDB subscribe]; method i am getting

"[ERROR] [AppDelegate.m:191] SUPPersistenceException: SUPPersistenceException from synchronize: -- SUPSynchronizeException: The application doesn't match with the package"

exception. After that i don't get any FAILED OR SUCCESS notifications as well.

So i am summing i am successfully logging into server(as my app status is also online on server) but i fail to Synch.

I am mentioning correct Username/Pass for Database but i am unable to Synch.

Can any one please help me Solve this issue.


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     Make sure the package name you have defined when you deployed your MBO's is matching the application identifier you are setting on the "applicationIdentifier" field of your instance of SUPApplication. 

    For example, if you you deployed your application using the package name "SUP101" in SCC.

SUPApplication *app = [SUPApplication getInstance];

app.applicationIdentifier = @"SUP101";

   Also make sure you have called setApplication on the generated xxxxDB class.

[SUP101SUP101DB setApplication:app]

Hope this helps, --Shawn