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Summarizing a group column

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I am reporting daily labor tickets grouped by work order. By default, I am suppressing the detail lines and showing only the group footer (although a parameter option to display the detail group if desired).

One of the columns in the detail line is the employee name/ID of the person who posted that specific labor ticket. In many cases, the same employee posted all of the day's labor tickets for that work order; in other cases two or more different employees may have posted tickets for that work order.

In the group footer, I would like to show the employee name if a single employee posted all of the labor tickets reported in the detail block, or something like "Multiple Employees" if more than one employee name appears in the detail block.

I hope that makes sense. Any thoughts as to how I might accomplish this?  

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Hi Carmine1, you can create a formula similar to below to place on your Group Footer. Note that the "your work order field" should match the field that the group is based on. 

if DistinctCount ({your employee name field}, {your work order field}) > 1
then 'Multiple Employees'
else Maximum ({your employee name field}, {your work order field})


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DistinctCount - of course. As Homer Simpson would say, "D'oh!"

Thanks for the reply.