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Summarization levels in CO-PA extractor

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HI Experts :

I am working on creating additional co-pa extractor. I got the requirement like below:

create the extractor for

CoArea 1100 is using summarization level 3

CoArea 1200 is using summarization level 8

CoArea 1660 is using summarization level 10

CoArea 1550 is using summarization level 20

always using the same info provider .

We are creating the additional extractor . So please any one help creating the extractor using these summarization levels .Please provide me some tips or some steps to create the additional extractor ..(Operating concern already exists)

Thanks in advance.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi sudhakar and Ajay:

Thanks for the immediate response. Your links are usefull but I am unable to understand how to set the summariztion level in bw side. I checked in KEDV and I saw all summarization levels are active .

Please let me know how to connect these to our extractor and how to use it in bw side ..

Please any one help me on this..

Thanks in advance



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