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SUM upgrade error in Execution phase at step: " MAIN_SWITCH/SUBMOD_SWITCH_KERNEL/ENVFILES!"

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Hi experts,

I am trying the upgrade our SAP Solution manager 7.1 SP11 to SP13 using Software Update Manager [SUM] SP13 on windows system.

I got the following error in execution phase. Please advice

      Severe error(s) occurred in phase

      Last error code set: Cannot query 'PATH' in registry key
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER 'Environment': The system cannot find the file
      specified. <br/>




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Hi Raja

1. In which user id executing the SUM tool?

2. Is it possible do the full restart and then try again in the same phase

3. Could you share the full log



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Hi Sriram thanks for the quick reply.

The log dont have any additional information.

Logged in as SIDADM

as i am in execution phase im not really looking for complete restart untill it is that necessary

This is how i was ale to just solve

start->run ->reedit -> enter

goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then environment folder within it.

there you have to find  "PATH" i didnt have that there so, i compared the user SIDADM variables in environmental variables and added the same path and repeated the SUM step and it worked for me.