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SuccessFactors having similar reporting capabilities as SAC..?

Hi All,

We are having Success Factors HCM Suite licence. I am haivng few doubts regarding the it..?

1.Did SF HCM suite really present the SAC as additional add-in licence, if yes how to activate it and use..?

2.Did SF HCM suite having all the reporting capabilities present in SAC or there is any limitation.?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Yes SAC is available in Preview your SFSF tenant since a while (in PROD it depends on your DC as to when it is scheduled for)

It's in the Report Centre alongside the other legacy HR reporting tools. You might need to ask your admin to give you permissions to use it.

in terms of features, this embedded SAC in SFSF is only for HR data - you can't combine with external datasources.

Regards, H

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