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What are differences between "Start Routines, Transfer Routines & Update Routines" ? Please help me.

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start routine is aplicable to entire data package

it improves performance while loading.

transfer routine:it is applicable to eeach record and it is applied in the transfer structure

update routine:it is applied iin acommuncation structure it is data target specific.

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hai neha,

• <b>Start Routines</b>: The start routine is run for each DataPackage after the data has been written to the PSA and before the transfer rules have been executed. It allows complex computations for a key figure or a characteristic. It has no return value. Its purpose is to execute preliminary calculations and to store them in global DataStructures. This structure or table can be accessed in the other routines. The entire DataPackage in the transfer structure format is used as a parameter for the routine.

• <b>Transfer / Update Routines</b>: They are defined at the InfoObject level. It is like the Start Routine. It is independent of the DataSource. We can use this to define Global Data and Global Checks.

• Start routine can be used to access InfoPackage while update routines are used while updating the Data Targets.

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HI Neha,

This question has been answered many times. Please try to search the forum before posting a new question. You can use this link to search:!default.jspa?objID=f133

Here are some threads you can look at:

Hope this helps...