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Submitting information on Form and then forwarding the form

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I am attempting to automate a process which requires filling out a form and then submitting to a team lead for approval.

Currently a configurator submits a hare copy of a request to enhance code or table.

I want to automate so that configurator loga into portal fills out form and then submits. The request is filled out and submitted via portal to approval authority.

Do I use ADS with portal via Visual composer or some other tool.


Weyland Yutani

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Build a WebDynpro app with integrated interactive form. The WDA app can save the data and another one can load the data for the manager (what is a dumb workflow) or you can build a true WF behind the WDA (like one step or something, what should be very simple and some tutorial can be applied here).

You will use Adobe and portal, everything is automated. Hope the idea is clear,

regards Otto

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I am also trying to to do something similar . As from Ottos's reply I understand that the second WDA (Approvers screen) will also have a Interactive Form which is created based on data that was stored on the first screen.

Apart from the data, is there a way to make all attrributes of a form persistent so that we can use this to generate the PDF form when ever needed ?

Reason I am asking is because, apart from the data I may have to capcture signature etc., on the form.



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